Why is Platinum a Good Metal for Jewellery

Although most people are already used to the Silver and Gold structure of jewellery, there is still another very ideal metal that can used for jewellery and that is Platinum. It is is a rare metal that looks very similar to silver but has a price that is set in the range of gold. Though it is rare, it is found to be very much viable for jewellery.

Platinum is one of the strongest metals that can be used to make jewellery. It has a white sheen which is one of the most desirable characteristics loved by many. This metal is extremely durable and can significantly hold polish. In time, Platinum can be distinguished by its pewter-like look.

What makes a metal good for jewellery?

Metals that are used for jewellery have two essential requirements—extravagance and durability. Metals for jewellery cannot have only one of these qualities. Can you imagine rings that are made from copper or nickel, or bracelets made out of aluminium? They are not attractive at all. Jewellery should be made out of an ideal metal because it is not just meant for wearing but for flaunting.

Platinum has both extravagance and durability. It is a heat-resistant and a corrosion-resistant metal that possess a glimmer that is worth $800 per ounce. There is no doubt about it, platinum is really an ideal metal for jewellery such as bracelets, watches, rings, and necklaces.

Where can you find all the platinum jewellery?

When you walk in to a jewellery store on a holiday season, there is no surprise that you will see lots of dozens of articles that are made from a familiar substance—golden necklaces, golden earrings, golden rings. There are pearls that are set in gold, diamonds that are set in gold, and even golden watches.

Though gold is popular, this does not make platinum a poor choice for jewellery metal. As a matter of fact, it is already a legitimate commodity. It meets the criteria of attractiveness and durability plus it has an innate worth. While platinum and gold may come in same price range per gram, platinum is denser and more of this metal is needed to make rings.

Moreover, platinum rings normally have 95% pure platinum while a 14K gold only has 58.5% of gold. This is why platinum rings have expensive prices. Both platinum and gold are durable and strong metals but platinum is undoubtedly more durable and stronger. The prongs that hold the center stone of platinum rings do not break compared to gold rings. Platinum rings are also heavier and more hypoallergenic than gold rings.

If you are still undecided about your take between gold and platinum, you do not need to stress yourself. If you have enough budget, you should go for platinum but if you can only afford other metals over platinum, then gold is a good choice. After all, whichever you metal you choose will still require you to maintain it properly.

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